Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week of 1-21

Last week was a good week for myself. Out of a planned 6.5 hours I did 6. Had to get a refitting on my new bike which cut into one of my trainer rides. Had my seat readjusted and my cleats got some more float. My right knee had sharp pain. Those fixes were all I needed. The folks at East Providence Cycle are great! I spent 1:30 in the gym. Working on upper body and legs. I did two easy trainer rides at 40 minutes each watching a youtube video of a race this year. I did one Sufferfest video for 45 minutes. Saturday I rode with my buddy for 14 miles to get used to riding outside. Today I went on a group ride in Hanson for 25 miles. Went with the slower group so I can work myself back in slowly.

For next week, I start working on Wednesday :( I have a 10 hour week planned. Need to be smart with my time and use my gym/trainer in a time friendly manner. Two gym sessions, plenty of time on the trainer. The weather looks to be sub 20 degree all week. This will be a good week to build up my intensity with Sufferfest videos. I am looking at doing a group ride Sunday.

I have General Contractors visiting my house this week. We are looking at an addition/remodel. That should be exciting. I will have my application to Suffolk and Northeastern completed this week as well. On 1-22 I go to my doctor for my physical.

Speaking of my physical I had my hematocrit checked last year I was at a measly 39%. This year before I had my appendix pulled it was checked and I was at 43%. Love it!

Get out there and ride!

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