Thursday, January 10, 2013

My bikes

Just wanted to show you my two bikes.

 The Giant is my new carbon princess. Her name is Aria. It is a thing of beauty. Handmade in Taiwan. It is the TCR Advanced SL4, comes with the Ultegra gruppo. The ride was a major upgrade to my old bike. The size is a small ~52. Bike is much smaller than the Allez and weighs a nudge below 16lbs. I am staying with the Giant PSL-0 for now as wheels. If I can get the wife to agree I will upgrade to Zipp 303.

My first road bike is the Specialized Allez Elite. Her name is Belle It came with the carbon fork and I made some upgrades to it. Got a Ritchey 90mm stem for fit issues. The size is a 54 and was way too big and I learned that lesson when I bought the Giant. The Allez weighs 20 lbs. Belle had upgraded wheels. Bontrager Race X Lite. A major upgrade to the Mavic CXP-22 I was running.

Some similarities are the color scheme. Black with red undertones. Belle has a bit more red to give some extra flair. I liked the Giant with a blacked out look. The rear wheel is a trainer tyre on the Giant.

Belle will now be used as my winter/rain bike. Aria is my Spring-Fall bike and will not see a crit.

With these two steeds I hope to stick with the groups I ride with from here on out. My goals for the 2013 race season are to stick with the main peloton until the finish. Not looking for top 5s as of yet need sticking around power.

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