Thursday, November 22, 2012

Base Season

Now it is the start of my base season. Here is where I need to keep most of my strength I gained last season and keep a strong base so that I can be strong in Spring. Hoping to average 8+ hours a week.

Yard work pretty much done for the season. Just one more round of collecting leaves and I am done with major obligations and can focus on cycling.

Some bad news, one of our current members of our team had a major accident. Many fractures and broken bones. Saddens me deeply. I wish him a fast recovery and hope to ride with him in the spring.

My new bike arrived and I have about 300 miles on it. Feels great. Tweaking my fit on it with my cousin. Had some major right knee pain at first now it seems to be going away. Hoping it stays that way and I can keep on my training regimen.

Until next time!