Monday, December 3, 2012

Good riding

So far this winter we have been lucky in Massachusetts. Snowed only once and temps have been decent. My base is going to consist of longish rides with a a few of my riding partners to keep motivated along with trainer rides utilizing The Sufferfest and Spinervals DVDs. I have also been upping my time at the gym to increase my core strength, arms and back. Need to stay strong now so I can back off on weights throughout the main part of season.

My long rides have consisted of riding from my house to Norwell High School and doing a loop with the South Shore Bikers and then riding home; about 50 miles.

I also ride with a teammate Rick Russell who I meet in Needham and we go anywhere from 25-50 milers. Good to keep us both motivated.

My weight increased slightly to 157 lbs but I expected that. After Christmas I will be working to get down to 145.

I am also applying to get my MBA. Want to get that over with ASAP so I can stay strong with cycling. Try and do classes during fall, winter and spring and leave summer open for cycling.

Until next time!