Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Feeling great. Gym and biking indoors, my body is accepting the new workout routine pretty well. Working on core strength now and building my cardio slowly. Do not want to over exert myself too early.

School is going ok for now. Mid term tomorrow night in Stats, been stressing about it, studying constantly and hoping to get into the 90s. Hoping all goes well.

Still no race plans except fr a 15k on Block Island in September, maybe the Norwell Road Race and the Jamestown classic. I want to be able to hang with A group guys by late Spring.

Have a great time training in this miserable cold of the Northeast/all over the USA.

Last week workout 1.3 hours cycling. 2 hours strength workouts.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pats Lose

The Patriots lose. Brutal, nothing else to say.

On another note I finished my first semester of my MBA program with a 3.5! Feels great, aiming for a 3.7 this semester!

On a workout front it is hot and cold. So hard to stay on track there with so much else going on. Been to the gym last week and I hope to keep on going consistently.

My man cave is complete!! I will post some pictures soon once I upload some of them to my laptop.

I am also accepting applications for the 2014 cycling season for The Boston Road Club.