Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick City

Stupid cold. Just recovered from my appendectomy. I hit up the trainer/road rides 4 days in a row with two gym sessions mixed in. Unfortunately my wife got some sort of illness from work that was passed on to me! Sore/clogged up throught, runny nose and my eyes feel likes I have allergies in them and get watered up.

This week so far I have been able to go for two gym sessions. Plenty of core, back, shoulder, and arm work. That has been my weak link. On long rides I would be tired not from cardio weakness but because my neck, shoulders and back would just not be able to do hold up any longer. I went on plenty of sites to look up exercises. A big help has been The Cyclists Training Bible. I mix uo my exercises as much as possible. I do not go with too much weight but lesser weights at more/faster reps. I do not want to bulk up but just have my muscles toned and ready for the long season. I am not focusing too miuch on my legs. I do some exercises but rely on big ring riding and group rides to build up that strength.

Laying on the couch will not be a good way to build up my cardio. As soon as I can go on the trainer I will be going with more intense rides and as the weather lets up I will go on long outdoor base rides. I will also hit up group rides as they are available. We have plenty of good rides on the South Shore of Massachusetts. One group the South Shore bikers has rides that are weather dependent on Saturday and Sunday. Another group I am a member of is the Charles River Wheelmen and they also run rides on the weekends. It is all weather dependent and what my work schedule allows me to do. As we get closer to race season my Team, Boston Road Club will also run some base rides. All I need to do is keep my high level intensity up, and get my base in once the weather allows it.

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