Tuesday, January 8, 2013


As I sit at home bored. I have been going back and forth bewtween multiple cycling sites.

Here are a few that I enjoy the most:


There are a few others that I peruse but those are my go to spots for original content. Velonation is mostly news and its good to get random cycling news throughout the day. I have been doing other things but I have been obsessed with cycling and cannot wait to get back onto the bike.

Just got in new bottle cages. They are pretty amazing. Carbon ones of course! They are Arundel side-loader/other side-loader combo.

I will have to post a picture of both my bikes! Just realized I do not have that up here! I will indulge you with my two beauties. My first road bike is named Belle. My new bike is named Aria (Casino in Vegas). Both have personal meanings to the names.

I am hoping to be on the trainer tomorrow for a light spin. Nothing fast or crazy. Just starting to spin up. I am able to walk much easier now. Still pain as I walk around but not nearly as much as I had when I started. Lifting is still a pain. I drove to the Supermarket today, felt awkward on that drive. This all takes time unfortunately and I just want to be on my bike!

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