Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Fun!

So I havent been able to get in the huge mileage I wanted in March but I feel good. Went out this Saturday and was able to stick with the fast guys. Last year I'd get spit out of the group faster than an Apollo rocket. This Sunday we did 33 miles and I was with them and taking pulls. Felt awesome! I need to keep this trajectory going through May.

Some bad news is that I will not be doing Tour of the Dragons, scheduling snafu. I am using that weekend and will convert it to a team training camp. I am in early stages of planning a 3 day training camp in Northampton. Hopefully all goes well. I also want to turn this into an annual team trip if possible. We shall see!

Getting a lot done with our contractor to remodel our home. Hopefully tomorrow I get a final price on the scope of work. Then I also have to go to an interview at Northeastern to get accepted in the MBA program. A lot going on! Stressful but fun at same time. That is life!

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