Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making Preparations

Getting myself ready for next year. This past weekend I spent time with my family closing my pool, doing yard work and now I have a clean slate. I only have to do some weeding and winterize the rest of my backyard. After I finish that I can concentrate on riding. I try to get all my chores done that way I can ride more and not feel as though I am forgetting things to do aorund the house and not let a lot of it fall onto my wife's shoulders.

I have been to the gym this week and been on two rides. Slowly getting myself back into base form then I will be preparing myself for next season.

My new bike is ordered! It should arrive next week. It is the Giant TCR Advanced SL. Black and Red, matches Belle perfectly. I have a name in mind for my new bike I will unveil that in my next check in.

Next time I will reveal some of my season's goals for 2013.

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