Monday, October 31, 2011

Run and Swim

I signed up for the Providence 5k Turkey Trot. Adding running into my exercise program to help deal with the snow and to change up my workouts to stay fresh and strengthen workouts. I know to all the hardcore roadies running is frowned upon!

I am also enrolled in a swim class. I like to compete every once in awhile in a Tri. I enjoy swimming, great anaerobic workout with little damage done to the legs. Before my swim class I normally do a weights session. I do 3 workouts during the winter involving weights. Need to increase my core strength and upper body strength to help fight off fatigue which sometimes hits me too early in rides. A valuable lesson I learned last year.

I did not expect snow to hit so early this year! Much too early, I am still determined to not be stuck on the trainer this early in the year. I plan on hitting up the roads 3 times during the week.

Until the next time!

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